Amazonika Wood Floors

Amazonika wood floors is a brand of engineering flooring made with the best certified fsc woods from peru, which later are sent to china to produce the flooring by zhejiang new material technology co ltd * for us. the final floor is built on a core of plywood made with fsc certified ecological reforested species. this flooring has as hardwood oulayer of brosimum wood, a especies native from the amazonic forests, which is exploited by a comunity of ashanika tribes in pucallpa peru, following a rigid ecological plan, fcs certified as well, supervized by inrena, the peruvian institute in charge to preserve natural species.

The factory in china laminates the brosimum  wood, which will be placed on the plywood  core, which has a density of 750 krs/mt2, upwards, after pressing  the floor to the core, the boards will go thru the machining process to perform the tg4, later in a painting tunnel will be uv painted,  using the best imported varnishes ( anti scratch nano coating ** ), having as an outcome and outstanding floor, made with all the best technics and materials, which would enable its use in any country or institution which  ecological requirements,  such as, the standard e1 in the formaldehyde,  amongst  others.